Short Story Exercise: Mrs. Shively

(pulled four random cards from The Storymatic, set timer for ten minutes, wrote short story, edited lightly)

Posey the clown wandered around the city park. When children approached, she would honk her horn and hop from foot to foot. The children inevitably screamed and ran away from her.

Posey tried a new tactic.

She went to the skate park and made balloon animals for the youths there. They especially enjoyed her balloon swords. After another hour working in the afternoon sun, Posey could feel her face paint begin to melt. So she pulled a flower from her pocket and beckoned for a particularly mean looking boy to follow her.

But Posey only managed to lure him ten feet before he turned back to rejoin his gang. Frustrated, Posey shoved the boy between the shoulder blades and in a fit of rage she began to throw the contents of her pockets at his cowering form. The other children ran towards them, some yelling while others filmed the odd scene with their phones.

Without thinking, Posey yanked the wooden box from her blouse and launched it towards the crowd. It shattered on the concrete, spilling bloody human teeth onto the sidewalk. Posey’s hands flew to her face and, in a panic, she rubbed at the makeup, hoping to hide her features. The children were pointing at her, screaming and shouting. Posey turned and ran to the parking lot. People chased her, demanding that she stop. Although it was nearly impossible to run in her ridiculously oversized red shoes, she somehow managed to unlock her Nissan, jump in and speed away.

Monday morning in the teacher’s lounge, Mrs. Shively shook her head in mock horror as all of the other teachers discussed the terrible events from the weekend.

“It was a clown! You can see it in the picture! And that boy, you remember Billy Nolan? They’re saying he shattered his knee cap when he fell down.”

Mrs. Shively clucked her tongue and mumbled something about how shameful the whole thing was. And as she made her way towards her kindergarten classroom she muttered to herself, “Shame I didn’t get the brat’s teeth.”

Storymatic Mrs Shively