25 Random Things About Me

Sharing my life with strangers isn’t something I tend to do. But because this is my own little piece of the internet, if you’re here let’s not be strangers! To break the ice, here are 25 random tidbits about me.

  1. When I get bored, I take goofy photos of myself.img00056-20100815-2047
  2. Of all the household chores, I despise vacuuming. Dishes, laundry, dusting, scrubbing toilets…I’d rather do those things every single day than push the vacuum cleaner around. Someday I’ll get a roomba. Someday.
  3. I never wear shorts, and I only wear dresses if the occasion requires it.
  4. Happily married to Jason. We’ve been together for over twelve years. All those cliche things–love at first sight, he’s my other half, we’re best friends, etc.–they are all true. He’s my favorite person in the entire world!img_1593
  5. I wrote a book. It’s science fiction, and I spent three years writing the rough draft. I’ve been rewriting it for the last year and a half. Someday it will be finished. Maybe.
  6. I’m a little obsessed with pens and paper and notebooks. I hate shopping for shoes and clothes, but take me to an office supply store and I will start drooling. I spend way too much time at Goulet Pens. Want all the things!
  7. Last winter I converted from PC to Mac, and there will be no going back.
  8. Nachos are the perfect food.
  9. I’ve always been a cat person. Right now we have Chloe, a rescue calico with some ragdoll and some Norwegian forest cat in her. We adopted her when she was 4 months old, and last month she turned 12.img_0981
  10. I’ve been working from home for eleven years and counting. I’ve never met my boss or any of my coworkers. The commute is fantastic, and wearing jeans all day is even better. But the very best part is being able to keep a sleeping cat on my desk.
  11. I have no piercings or tattoos. I love to look at jewelry, but I’ve never felt comfortable wearing any (other than my wedding ring, of course). And my tastes change way too often to put anything on my skin permanently.
  12. I love listening to music. Some of my favorite groups are Metric, Deadbolt, AC/DC, The Doors, A Flock of Seagulls, Midnight Oil, The White Stripes, Florence and the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, The Beatles, The Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, Eminem, Blink-182, and The Soronprfbs. I’ve never been able to get into country or jazz, but who needs it when there’s so much other good stuff?
  13. My favorite planet is Jupiter. (credit NASA)jupiter
  14. I would always rather be cold and bundled into sweaters and blankets than hot and sweaty. No tropical island vacations in my future!
  15. I taught myself to knit using this DVD eight years ago.
  16. I consider myself to be an atheist, but I study Buddhism. Basically my philosophy is: whatever, just be nice.
  17. I get motion sickness all the time: in the car, on a plane, on a boat, watching hand-held videos, watching video games, etc. I couldn’t even guess how many times Jason has had to pull over quickly to let me be sick on the side of the road. I’ve even gotten motion sickness while driving.
  18. Video games stress me out (and make me nauseous), so the only real gaming I do is solitaire. When I was younger, I pretty much wore out my favorite deck of cards playing solitaire.red-baron-playing-cards
  19. Shortly after we met, Jason taught me to play cribbage. For our ten year anniversary, we bought ourselves an aluminum cribbage board. Ten years is the aluminum anniversary, so it made sense to us. We play every single day (I currently stink).
  20. We have lots of rocks. Jason, lover of rocks, is currently studying Geoscience (graduates in December!) and so we’ve been frequenting rock and gem shows. Now we have a lovely collection of pretty, shiny rocks. I picked up a sweet selenite crystal a few years ago, and Jason made the very best crystal display stand ever: an anatomically correct metal hand.metal-hand-selenite-crystal
  21. I cut my own hair. I’m too cheap to go to a nice (expensive) hair salon, and cheap haircuts are invariably bad. So I decided that I could give myself a bad haircut for free and skip all that awkward small talk with the beautician.
  22. I work as an auditor in the healthcare industry.
  23. I’ve seen the movie Krull more times than I could even guess. I wore out a betamax copy as a child, then I wore out my vhs copy. Today, I have a dvd and a blu ray copy, along with the comic book versions, a movie poster, and the glaive Jason made for me. Is it a good movie? *shrugs* I think I’ve seen it too many times to tell.
  24. I read a lot, but my tastes change frequently. I used to devour horror books, now I can’t stomach them. I went through a romance novel phase, but now they bore me. Sometimes I love biographies, sometimes history books, sometimes science fiction. The Harry Potter books are favorites, as are the Sookie Stackhouse books. I prefer reading on my Kindle, but I keep paper copies of my favorite books just in case. EMPs, zombies, plagues, earthquakes…those things won’t hurt the paper books.
  25. Clowns scare the crap out of me.

That was pretty painless. If you’re still reading, thanks!