Short Story Exercise: Call a Friend

(using this book, set timer for ten minutes and wrote a short story relating to the phrase “call a friend,” lightly edited)

“Call a friend? Balls!” Susann blew a raspberry at the computer screen then turned to her favorite cat, Muffy. “Every single time it’s call a friend or ask a friend for help…” 

The cat walked away. 

Susann sighed and considered her current problem. She was bored and lonely, and she wanted to make friends and be more active in her community. But whenever she searched for local events, the activities were always situations where it would look weird if she showed up alone.

She had asked the computer for cures to loneliness, and it suggested she call a friend.

Whenever Susann read magazines for advice on picking clothes to suit her body type, or found DIY’s about how to create cosplay costumes, or looked up information about servicing her car herself, everything insisted that she needed to ask a friend for help.

But Susann didn’t have friends. She’d tried to make friends at school, and again at work, but apparently nobody wants to be friends with the six-fingered woman.

Susann had been born without the ring and pinkie fingers on either hand. She was able to live a normal life, but nobody else seemed able to live with it. People would crack jokes or stare, ask her questions about gloves and typing. Susann amused herself by giving a different answer every time, just to keep things fresh, but she was yet to find anyone else who appreciated her lightheartedness.

No, calling a friend wasn’t an option for Susann. Instead she would just call the pizza delivery boy again. He was always willing to make an extra buck.