About NaNoWriMo…

If I have to do something, I don’t want to do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s something I usually enjoy doing or if it’s a chore. Deadlines are a heavy weight that keep me camped on the couch doing anything but the thing I should be doing.

And so it’s day 17, and I’m still at 5,537 words. Only 44,463 words to go!

Technically reaching that 50,000 word goal is still doable, but I would make myself sick, miserable, and grouchy if I vomit-typed that many words in that short of time.

I’m still working on the story. My little notebook (with a fancy new spiral spine thanks to Office Depot [never buying a glue-bound notebook again]) is all decked out with backstories and character sketches and ideas.


My daily total tracker. I planned to use red if I was below goal, and green when I exceeded the goal. The green colored pencil has become dusty. (Check out my new Bolt G2 pen from Karas Kustoms! Just got it today and I’m in love. Maybe if I was hand writing my book I’d be more willing to bust out those 40k+ words in a week and a half…)

But the next few months are going to be pretty dang stressful for me and I need to give myself plenty of downtime to do whatever will relax my brain.

So, NaNoWriMo, maybe next year. xox

2 thoughts on “About NaNoWriMo…

  1. I love your countdown page! I need such physical reminders and boxes to tick off myself, but tend to only complete and use them when I’m doing good and pretend they don’t exist when I’m not. Hey, I just registered today for NaNoWriMo and still think I can do it, crazy right? But everyone needs a little bit of crazy once in a while 🙂
    Good luck for your writing!


    • You can totally still do it!! And I usually do the same thing–ignore the stuff on the To Do list that doesn’t get done. Drives me crazy to leave unchecked boxes, but not enough that I’ll do it. Have fun writing, and good luck to you too!

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