My High School Reunion

Skyline High School Class of 1998

Skyline High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Class of 1998

Next weekend is my twenty year high school reunion. According to the internet, a family fun center in town has been reserved all day for the event.

Yeah, I’m not going to that.

1998 Kristy's graduation

Me in my cap and gown

I hated high school.

Starting in eighth grade, each year of school was worse for me than the one before. By my senior year, I had zero close friends.

Our senior class trip was to the theme park Lagoon, outside Salt Lake City. I spent most of that day wandering around the park by myself, trying to look like I was rushing to meet someone so that no one would notice the miserable teenage girl trying not to cry.

That’s how I spent my daily lunch break, too.

And this was my own fault.

I was the girl who completely abandoned her friends when she had a boyfriend. (And the boyfriend usually didn’t go to the same school (because he was usually out of school).)

I was the girl who held a grudge and refused to talk to or even be friendly with someone after I decided they had wronged me.

I was the girl who always said no to party invitations and extracurricular activities due to my anxiety.

To be fair, I did have a part time job so I wasn’t always available. And we did live out in the country so I missed a lot things just because of proximity.

And like every high school there were bullies and cliques. But honestly those problems were the worst for me in elementary.

I still went to football games and the odd dance. I went to the senior formal with three of my girlfriends because none of us had been asked to go. And I went to the all night party after graduation, but like Lagoon, I spent most of that party trying not to look as miserable and lonely as I felt.

What I’m trying to say is, my experience was not the worst experience in the world. But it’s not one I treasure or reminisce about.

I hope everyone I went to school with is happy in their life, and I wouldn’t presume that any of them are the same today as they were twenty years ago. I’m sure not!

There just isn’t any reason for me to go to a reunion. Those are just some people that I used to slightly know. Used to be corralled into a room with. Used to hide from and avoid.

A few years ago, Jason and I burned all of our yearbooks. Talk about cathartic! I’ve never regretted it. High school is something I survived, and I’m glad I survived it. But I have no interest in reliving it.