About Me

I carved out this piece of the internet to use as a blog. Mostly I’ll be sharing old short stories I’ve written using prompts from writing books, The Storymatic, and various Rory’s Story Cubes. Occasionally I’ll write reviews of books and movies, and maybe even a rhetoric or two if the mood strikes. Unless otherwise specified, my reviews are unsolicited. Any links I use for products will be via my Amazon Affiliate account.

Happily married to Jason, I have a day job and three cats. I dig science fiction and rock-n-roll. I love movies, I like to draw, I might be obsessed with notebooks, and I regularly daydream about living on a spaceship. If you’re really curious about me, here’s an entire post. And in the immortal words of Marcy Playground, “You can be any way that you want to be, but how I’ll be, that’s up to me.”

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I’m on YouTube: KristyKristyMcKinnon